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Flies Pest Control Services

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Flies Pest Control Services

Whether it’s that constant buzzing, those otherwise harmless flies that fly around your house, or that annoying fly that swarms around your food, flies are one of the second most common household pests. In addition to being aesthetically offensive, they also threaten the health of humans as they carry around many disease-causing germs. Flies can cause diseases such as Cholera, Tuberculosis, Dysentery, Salmonella, and parasitic worms. Some countries have experienced epidemics caused by flies. In spite of the rareness of epidemic outbreaks, flies are known to easily exploit the weak immune systems of the young and elderly at home to spread disease.

Their feeding habits contribute to their rapid reproduction and the spread of diseases. Furthermore, they attract bacteria that get carried around in the mouths and footpads of flies, so they can spread easily across a room at any place they land. A well-trained and experienced team can successfully implement fly prevention and fly pest control. We’re ready to assess the requirements and provide Flies pest control services that will ease up your life.

Flies Pest Control Services
Flies Pest Control Services

Flies Identification / Inspection

An inspection for house flies is quite different from an inspection for house ants. Dark spots make up the majority of flies, and they are usually quite small. The corners of walls and ceilings often contain this as well as stationary wall fittings. Hard-to-clean drains and drains pipes are usually the breeding grounds for flies since waste usually accumulates there. In addition to the sink area, loose floor tiles are also great hiding spots for flies. Outside your house are usually garbage areas or dump zones where flies congregate. Potted plants, old tires in garages, gutters, and oily old machines that are not used often attract flies.

Also, flies at their larval stage (maggots) are spotted, which means they have been breeding on your property. Usually, they’re found near trash cans, waste dumping areas, or food that has expired.


Flies Pest Control / Treatment

Flies pest control service is essential in commercial and residential buildings. Both flies pest control and flies prevention are equally important. Flies are treated using three different methods of control.



Some flies fall easy prey to sticky traps, and UV light traps placed in the corners of houses or businesses. Resin strips hung at places where there is no air movement also help in trapping flies. These strips are placed not too high as the fly activity is usually near the ground. Bright light traps can also be used to attract flies and trap them.



Fly-eating parasitic wasps eliminate flies naturally. They are safe to use and are harmless to humans. They take a while to attack the flies and are known to feed on immature flies to stop them before they can cause havoc. Nonetheless, this method is not effective alone.



Flies are suppressed by insecticides. Chemical baits contain sugar-based compounds that attract flies, and as soon as they consume the bait they are immediately killed by the poison. Store-bought baits must be followed verbatim and can be quite dangerous if misused.

In addition to these three methods, removing the breeding sites found during the inspection is the best way to stop the flies.


Flies Prevention

Flies can be prevented by creating a hostile environment for them. Food waste should be properly disposed of in order to accomplish this. The use of covered garbage cans with securely tied garbage bags and regularly taking out the trash while keeping the large area clean restricts the access of food for flies. These practices prevent eggs from being laid.

The windows must have screens and doors are to be kept closed. To keep flies from entering, use mechanically closing doors and installing blowers above doors that are frequently opened.

Sticky traps and UV light traps placed in the corners of houses or businesses can catch some flies. Flies can also be trapped using resin strips hung at places where there is no air movement.

In flies pest control services, Green Pest Control has a reputable history. We have a well-trained team of professionals who can handle flies pest control and flies prevention. Green Pest Control offers the best professional team to handle the flies pest all over the country.

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