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Cockroach Pest Control

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Cockroach Pest Control (Residential, Office, Commercial)

Cockroaches rank up in the list of common pests as they are well known for contaminating food, damaging property, and causing threats to human health.They crawl and hide in corners and inaccessible spots making their control or removal quite a hard process.

Cockroach pest control and prevention are really tricky as they are very stubborn and extremely sneaky. Any DIY product that you use can only work temporarily. If you want complete cockroach infestation removal, then you need professional cockroach pest control services like Green Pest Control.

Cockroach Pest Control
Cockroach Pest Control

Cockroaches Identification / Inspection

Early detection is key to stopping their spread and minimizing the damage. This makes cockroach extermination easier and effective. Our professionals look for cockroach droppings, smear marks, ootheca (egg capsules), shedded skin, damage, or unusual odor apart from spotting live cockroaches.

Cockroaches are spotted near waterlogged areas, leaky plumbing and they usually come out at night when the lights are turned off.


Cockroach Pest Control / Treatment

Cockroaches are usually dealt with a combination of techniques that work well in unison. Gel baits in and around cracks, hinges, crevices, sinks, toilet drains, around the gas cylinder, electrical appliances, drawers, along with traps with lures that are irresistible and highly effective in trapping the roaches have proven to be the ideal combination.
This type of treatment does not require vacating the premises. It is odor-free and non-toxic. This cockroach pest control treatment is also eco-safe and harmless to humans and pets. Vacuuming also seems quite effective in providing an immediate reduction in the number of cockroaches.


Cockroach Prevention

Good hygiene is key in preventing the recurrence of cockroaches. Do not leave any food out in the open at night in your kitchen. Dishes are to be washed and kitchen slabs cleaned up to remove traces of food that can attract the roaches. Vacuuming the kitchen at night is suggested as an ideal solution. Appliances may also have grease or food spilled and ignored, which can attract these pests.

Our professionals also suggest restricting the dining to a single room to ensure the crumbs are easy to remove and clean up after eating.
Store food in sealed containers and throw away the trash and trash bags regularly.

Seal entry points that can easily allow pests to enter your homes. Unwanted papers and cardboard boxes are hotspots to attract the roaches. Throw them out or put them away. Our professional pest control team offers both residential and commercial cockroach pest control services all across India.


Pest Guide – Cockroaches Control & Extermination

In various residential houses and complexes, there has been a very high rate of infestation of cockroaches which has worsened the living conditions of such places. Cockroaches will be more in streets with thickly populated residential and commercial areas.

In Residential & Commercial Complexes, extermination and removal of cockroaches has become important to maintain the hygiene of the place and has led to an increased demand for Cockroach Control. The staff at Green Pest Control has immense knowledge and experience in providing effective pest control services, which has helped maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of our services.We help you have a stress-free, pest-free life.

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