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Bed Bug Control

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Bed Bug Control

Bed bug bites are painless and as soon as they feed, they get back into hiding for days together before venturing out for another feed.

Increased travel is the main reason for the spread of bed bugs as they are very easily carried by humans unconsciously. They are easier to control when the infestation is small, so early detection and immediate professional control are key. Again bug sprays are one form of DIY bed bug treatment.

Movie theater chairs, taxis, and cabs are likely places where you can carry bed bugs from and into your homes.

Bed Bug Control
Bed Bug Control

Bed bug identification / inspection

Bug skins that the bugs shed, their shells or exoskeletons, fecal stains, bloodstains on your clothes, and the sheets are some of the signs of bed bug infestation.

Our professionals talk to the client and note down the observations of any burning itching red welts that seem raised from the skin, any localized rash, multiple bites in a straight line.

Then the inspection is done around the beds, box springs, headboards, and framing or any furniture or fixtures in proximity to the bed or even chairs where people sit long enough to become targets.


Bed bug pest control/treatment

We offer the best bed bug treatment options. All the infested areas identified during the inspection are treated using nonchemical methods like vacuuming, washing the bedding with high-temperature water or steam, heat treatment, and sealing up any open spaces.

A heavy infestation is treated using insecticides. These are not available as over-the-counter products and so our PMPs who have access to these are your ideal solution. We also use combination techniques by following chemical and nonchemical methods and increasing the level of hygiene.


Bed bug prevention

While traveling, it is better to check reviews of the hotels you plan to stay at. After checking into the room, check the beds, bedside tables, or wall hangings for bed bug signs. Store luggage on racks instead of the floor. Continuous monitoring is also required to check for the infestation of bed bugs. Green Pest Control Services has experts to help you with your bed bug problems all across India.

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