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Disinfection & Sanitization Services

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Disinfection & Sanitization Services

In Home sanitization, we will be using the patented pressure steaming technology
which ensures 99.99% germ free. We have imported the special equipment which
uses distilled or normal clean water to create high pressure steam and thus kill all
the germs present on fixed furniture’s, Sofa, beds, door handles, doorbell etc. It is
well suited for both residential and commercial space as it doesn’t require any pre-
requisite arrangements before work. The Home Sanitization ensures all the germs
and viruses on the surface are killed due to the hot and high-pressure steam.Disinfection
Under Building Disinfection packages, our trained professional will be using the
industry grade Disinfection solutions diluted in water in 1:80 ratio to clean all the
places those are in regular contact of the residents or employees. The solution has
to be left for 10-15 mins after application so that the chemical penetrates deep into
the surface and kills the deadly bacteria’s and virus’s present on the surface.
Disinfection can be done both interior and exterior of the building. Disinfectants can
be used in bathrooms, tiles, mirrors, floor, fixed furniture’s and garden too. As the
chemical is completely non-hazardous and toxicity level for mammals are very low it
can be used even when human or pets are staying around.

Disinfection & Sanitization Services
Disinfection & Sanitization Services

Protect your home and office from Virus

Did you know, most of the infections and diseases spread through the unhygienic lifestyle we follow. It’s very important to make sure that our house and workplace is well sanitized professionally on regular basis to keep it free from infections . During this pandemic like Covid-19, keeping the health and hygienic factor in mind we have come up with specialized Home Sanitization and Disinfection packages.

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