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Residential Pest Control Services

Green Pest Control
Green Pest Control

Residential Pest Control Services (Bed Bug, Cockroaches, Termites )

The pests are a constant menace for people staying in residential apartments, houses and complexes. The infestation of pests in your home poses a serious threat to your home and property and causes serious health issues. More of these can be seen in highly populated residential areas that can be found more in India. Therefore, one must consult an efficient residential pest control for domestic, disinfection and sanitation services.

Our technicians are highly equipped and knowledgeable in various pest control methods and ensure complete transparency and efficiency in pest control services. Our customer agent will help in handling clients’ inquiries and help solve clients’ grievances at the earliest. We have our dedicated team for residential pest control services.

Our Customized Pest Management and Services treatment are as follows

Green Pest Control Services offer pest control services for an extensive range of pests most professionally and methodically.



Living Room




Private Parking Space


Private garden and swimming pool



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